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GLSL Shader Experiments

These are experiments from taking classes via Codame. These are running in The Force an online GLSL shader live coding platform.

GLSL Shader Experiments

Webcam manipulation:

Shader 1 – Enter the Darkness

Shader 1 - Enter the Darkness 2

Shader 2 - Purple Glitch

Shader 3 - Rainbow Negative

Hey, I’m Edward, nice to meet you!

Edward Deaver is a Computer Science graduate of Le Moyne College. He is a CS major working to merge computer science and art to create amazing experiences. My professional goals are to run my own right-to-repair cycling hardware company. I want to work with passionate people who are not afraid of trying new innovative approaches and are not afraid of failure and what can be learned from that.

My skills include Arduino, lighting, openFrameworks, Python, Editing.

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