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Exploring Mechanical Displays (In Progress)

Exploring and understanding mechanical displays.

Exploring Mechanical Displays (In Progress)

Listen to the click clack:

I have been learning how to use AlfaZeta 7 Segment displays. These use a proprietary protocal over RS-485.

You can check out my learning how to use these from these stream recaps ( I stream on twitch.tv/worldmerge).

Discovering the displays day 1:

Discovering the displays day 2:

Hey, I’m Edward, nice to meet you!

Edward Deaver is a Computer Science graduate of Le Moyne College. He is a CS major working to merge computer science and art to create amazing experiences. My professional goals are to run my own right-to-repair cycling hardware company. I want to work with passionate people who are not afraid of trying new innovative approaches and are not afraid of failure and what can be learned from that.

My skills include Arduino, lighting, openFrameworks, Python, Editing.

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