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Circadian Rhythm Stair Lights (In Progress)

Motion activated CCT LED stair lighting that changes color temperature based on the time of day.

Circadian Rhythm Stair Lights (In Progress)

This is a project to have motion controlled stair lights that would be a warmer white at night and be a cold white in the morning. The project has been a continious learning experience from interaction design to creating a safe circuit.

I started out the project with the belief that there would be a physical user interface for inputing when they woke up, and went to bed. Through my prototyping I found this is really hard to get right and detracted too much from the core parts of the project. So I scrapped the physical interface and hardcoded a wake-time of 6 and a bed-time of 8.

This is a video from prototyping when I hooked up an RTC and 4 I2C 7 segment displays to an Arduino to learn how to use an RTC and I2C.

Post on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CM0wN9KpeT8/

Then I focused on getting the pwm curve values for the CCT LED strip:


Then I hooked up an Arduino Ethernet Shield and set a Real Time Clock to NTP.

Eventually I started putting the pieces together and put things on a board. A 24v PSU, the same one from Control My Lights, a DC-DC converter, the Ardiuno Mega knock-off / Ethernet Shield, LED PWM controller board and motion controller input board (ethernet break out)

Now I am moving everything into it’s own boxes and connecting them with SpeakOn and Powercon connectors.

Hey, I’m Edward, nice to meet you!

Edward Deaver is a Computer Science graduate of Le Moyne College. He is a CS major working to merge computer science and art to create amazing experiences. My professional goals are to run my own right-to-repair cycling hardware company. I want to work with passionate people who are not afraid of trying new innovative approaches and are not afraid of failure and what can be learned from that.

My skills include Arduino, lighting, openFrameworks, Python, Editing.

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